Living well with a disability

10 week well living workshop

Disability Network Oakland & Macomb is excited to host a 10-week virtual workshop on living well with a disability.

This 10-week workshop is designed for people with disabilities who want to learn new skills, meet new people and improve their quality of life by improving their health. Learning healthy lifestyle habits is possible and fun with the support of peers.

Participants in this workshop develop independent living skills such as goal setting, problem solving and communication skills and have the opportunity to practice them in a supportive peer environment.

10 Week Workshop Schedule

June 2nd: Setting Goals Goal Setting helps us consider our life values and identify a meaningful goal based on those values.

June 9th: Solving Problems Problem Solving helps us identify and address the obstacles we encounter in reaching our goals.

June 16th: Healthy Reactions to Frustration Healthy Reactions teaches us how to use our thoughts to reduce frustration when solving problems.

June 23rd: Beating the Blues Beating the Blues discusses ways to manage discouragement and avoid depression.

June 30th: Health Communication Healthy Communication focuses on ways to effectively communicate our needs to help us reach our goals.

July 7th: Seeking Information Information Seeking identifies ways to find resources that help remove obstacles on the path to reaching our goals.

July 14th: Physical Activity Physical Activity highlights the health benefits of increased physical activity and how it builds the strength and endurance we need to pursue our goals.

July 21st: Eating Well Nutrition focuses on eating a balanced diet for increased energy and stamina to pursue goals.

July 28th: Advocacy Advocacy addresses self and systems-based ways to change our communities so we can solve problems and attain goals.

August 3rd: Maintenance – New You Maintenance addresses ways to turn new healthy behaviors into healthy lifestyle habits.