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The mission of TDN is to revolutionize communities to be inclusive and accepting, where all people thrive in the quality of life they create.

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A Center for Independent Living

The Disability Network (TDN) is a nonprofit center for independent living that partners with people with disabilities so they can live as independently in the community as possible. Since 1992, TDN has worked with thousands of individuals in the areas of independent living skills development, information and referral, peer counseling, youth and adult transitional living and advocacy. Our goal is to connect you with a world where everyone is valued by working with the community to make it more inclusive and accessible.

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Opening Minds in Flint And Genesee

One of the first steps in opening minds is establishing trust and building awareness. TDN has made training and community education a priority with our workshops.

  • Disability 101
  • Freak Factor
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Unconscious Bias

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A more Accessible Library for Flint

Flint’s new Public Library is open for the first time in two years after a $30 million renovation. “This is truly a place for children and families and residents of all ages,” says Ridgway White. For 95-year-old former librarian Edith Prunty Spencer, it’s a place for people of all abilities. “It’s accessible, now whereas before […]

Autism Acceptance Month

“I want to be an independent person. I want to be able to stand on my own 2 feet”. Ava is a senior, who’s into writing. She was diagnosed with autism at age 9. She calls herself high functioning, while she faces challenges. “I have anxiety, depression, autism, ADD, the whole list. Ava could be […]

U of M Flint Accommodations

The University of Michigan Flint has about 250 students who are registered through its Disability and Accessibility support services. One thing they learned right away, it’s a whole lot different than high school. One student who struggled with the transition is senior Cat Carlise, who admits she’s living with a variety of illnesses. Cat Carlysle […]

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