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The Disability Network is available to speak at an upcoming event, host a training, perform an ADA Accessibility Walkthrough of your establishment, or conduct an accessibility audit of your online presence! Please complete the inquiry form below and a TDN staff member will reach out to you.

DEI Trainings

Make your organization a champion of diversity and inclusion! From hiring practices to employee development, these trainings and workshops get you in the know on the latest methods to develop your company’s culture to not only benefit people with disabilities but employees at all levels. Email Cara for more information!

Unconscious Bias

Gain a better understanding of how to adjust your company’s culture raise awareness and eliminate unconscious biases

Reasonable Accommodations

Learn and practice how to navigate accessibility in the workplace that is person-centered and positively impacts your company’s bottom line.

Disability 101

Learn the basics of disability history, language, and etiquette.

Basics of the ADA

Learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it affects your business!

Intro to Ableism

Not just another “ism”! What is ableism? How can we actively try to not be ableist?

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Cara Birchmeier
Phone: 248-227-4024
Email: carab@disnetwork.org

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