Peer Support

We work to connect people with each other to build personal support networks for shared learning and strengthening individual choice. We host a variety of peer support groups as well as offering individual counseling appointments.

At TDN, we believe that the wants and needs of people with disabilities are best understood by other individuals with disabilities. Our PeerConnect Program connects two individuals together for the purpose of personal and/or professional development.   Mentors volunteer to spend time with someone who is adapting to a disability or seeking to increase their independence.  In short, the best person to help you navigate through your disability journey is someone who has already been there!  

Our desire is to recruit, train, assign, and support people with disabilities whose role is to provide one-on-one or group support to other individuals with disabilities.  Interested Mentors and Mentees will undergo an interview, background check and training prior to a peer assignment.  Peer assignments will be selected based on many factors including type of disability, background, and common interests/goals.  

To find out more or to get the process started, you can contact Jessica at 810-742-1800 or If you’re ready to get going, click on one of the links below to complete an application!