Image still of a man using measuring cups during a video call.

TDN Offers New Classes for 2021 with TDN Connect

TDN Connect, a new multi-faceted virtual program offered by The Disability Network, is designed to help people learn new independent living skills by inviting them to participate in recreation and leisure programs completely online. The program kicked-off late last year with virtual cooking classes but has expanded for 2021.

TDN’s Health & Recreation Specialist, Amario Payton-Rice, took individuals and the community into consideration when developing the new series, “TDN consumer needs are of high priority when developing programs, we considered virtual activities that our consumers enjoy and began developing the programs.”

“Virtual connection opportunities offer consumers a chance to meet and participate in activities while currently sheltering in place. It reduces boredom/loneliness while helping individuals discover fun, leisure, and recreational activities.” – Health & Recreation Specialist, Amario Payton-Rice

Scheduled to start this month, this year’s programming includes adaptive cooking, exercise, crafting, a book club, and mental health check-ins with tips & techniques.

  • Adaptive Cooking – “A Taste of Independence” is a virtual, adaptive cooking program designed to help individuals navigate the kitchen easier, as well as share their unique cooking experiences with their peers.
  • Energize with Exercise – Though a partnership with Valley Area on Aging, individuals are able to participate in a seated workout program designed to help you get active and moving. The focus areas will be alleviating symptoms of arthritis, as well as improving balance, coordination, and core stability.
  • Crafting Club – A program designed to get your creative juices flowing. This includes holiday-themed activities, as well as crafts that will help you find joy and contentment in your leisure time.
  • Beyond the Book Club – “Reading a book is like re-writing the story for yourself.” This program is designed to promote meaningful conversations that go beyond the words written on a page. This program will help you reflect on your own personal experiences while learning to empathize with the experiences of others.
  • Mental Health Check-Ins – This is an open environment designed to help you learn tips & techniques on how to navigate the ups and downs of life. If you’re looking for a safe space to share your sentiments, manage stress, or ideas on how to respond to traumatic events then this program is for you! This program will be facilitated by a Master level Social Worker and a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

To view the schedule of TDN Connect sessions, please visit our calendar or visit the TDN Connect Program page to learn more about our programs.

If you are not registered for a program or if you would like to register for additional programs, please contact the Health & Recreation Specialist, Amario Payton-Rice at or at (734) 905-2859.