Crim ASL 5k Walking Group

“This group is ASL 5k walkers”

(Peggy Frelich, Swartz Creek) “For years people have talked about the Crim race here in Flint. And I feel like we should be involved”.

So the first time in its 45-year history, the Crim Festival of Races will include an organized team using sign language.

(Kid Black Fedio, Fenton) “Historic, yeah, we’re here! Don’t forget us, include us. Make things accessible.”

Fedio says accessibility is more than just a ramp. In this case, it’s an interpreter so that members of the deaf community are included.

“Some of them are new to this, What’s the Crim? Because it hasn’t been accessible.

About 30 members of the deaf community will get the same benefits enjoyed by all the race participants.

“Support, friendship, mental health, physical, it’s good for your heart. I just had a pacemaker put in”. 

“Hearing group is faster, deaf people have to sign and walk, so they tend to walk slower”.

An interpreter will be provided at the start of the race, signing “on your mark, get set, go”

“This opportunity doesn’t limit the deaf community. We’ve been pushed aside for so long. It’s the 1st year for a deaf group.”

Watch the video here.