ADA DAY Picnic 2022!

“It’s a party celebrating the ADA!” says Zack Tomlinson.

(music Don’t You Wanna Dance)

“It’s a celebration of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, passed into law in 1991 by President George Bush that created all sorts of laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities.” said Tomlinson.

(The day started with a pep talk from Wanieta Bovan, from Bentley, Ketzler’s and June’s Floral, who donated all the flowers for the event. Later it was fun, food and an occasional TV interview by our leader Luke Zelley, all to highlight the mission of the Disability Network.

“I have a dance and entertainment program, also arts and gardening, we try to lean into horticulture. Try to allow them to do things they want to do, and not have other people tell them what to do. It gives them the independence to choose their own life.” added Tara, TDN’s Health and Recreation Specialist.

That independence is what ADA day is all about.

“It’s a chance to interact with other people with disabilities and also with agencies and services for people with disabilities. So if you’re looking for work or want someone to advocate for ya, it’s all here.” said Tomlinson.

Watch the video here!