TDN Youth Resource Guide 2020-2021

TDN established links to information that can provide youth with a network of organizations that can help youth become independent. We know that independent living for anyone can come with challenges. This guide focuses on the following:

A young woman is fixing a surgical mask on her face while outsite

Covid Resources

Websites and tips for staying safe.

A decorative image showing how services are connected to people at The Disability Network. The words: "You are valued here" are in the middle of the circle.

The Disability Network

Learn more about The Disability Network (TDN).

A group of four young people are talking while sitting at desks in a classroom,  there are two instructors in the background talking to each other

Transitions and transition services

Find out what transitions mean.

A young man in an orange shirt is carefully cutting sweet potatoes

Independent living skills

What are independent living skills?

Two women are talking at a table, one of the women has a notepad and is listening to the other


Learn to be your own best advocate.

Image of a typewriter with word: Goals, on a piece of paper

Goal Setting & Smart Goals

Tips for setting and keeping your goals.

An instructor is talking to a classroom, a young man is wearing a grey hoodie and listening to her

Independent Living Review

Learn more about independent living.

Image of an animated video, two of the characters are black and white, while everyone else and the background are in color

The Story of Transitions

Explore videos to learn more about transitions.

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MRS Next steps

Find out what’s next for MRS.

Image of a woman on the phone listening while at her desk

Information and referral

Important resources and links for community.

Image of a staff member guiding a person using a computer

Employability Skills

Learn employment tips and tricks.

Image of a woman writing and drawing in a journal while a cat watches her


Resources for calming and centering yourself.

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Trauma informed Care

Get access to important services that help support and protect from abuse.

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Teen Suicide Prevention

Vital resources for suicide prevention and crisis help.