Self-advocacy is the act of speaking up for what you need and want. Self-advocacy is an essential tool for transitioning into adulthood. Self- advocacy is a big part of giving you control over your life. Self-advocacy is important because people need to know what you need in order for you to succeed. They may not be aware that you don’t like doing a certain thing or need something explained in a different way, until you communicate that to them.

Self-determination means that you get to choose how to The idea that each person has the right to decide how to live their life. Nobody else gets to make decisions for you about:

● What supports and services you need

● How you participate in your community

● How you spend your money

● Where you live

● Anything else!

How to Self Advocate

  • You can be a self-advocate by speaking up for your needs. This could come in the form of communicating to a parent or caretaker that something they are doing is not something that you like.
  • You can be a self-advocate by talking to a teacher, professor, or boss when you need help completing a task.
  • You can be a self-advocate when you attend a protest about disability rights.
  • You can be a self-advocate when you blog online about your feelings.
  • There are many ways to be a self-advocate!