Home for the holidays

By Joel Feick

Photos of Mike and Kathy at the nursing facility and Mike sitting in his recliner in his new apartment

For the past 3 months, 50 year old Mike has called Fenton Health Care his home.

When he developed cellulitis in his leg, he went from a hospital to a rehab facility to nursing care.

But he really couldn’t wait to get out.

The Flint native says a 2005 spinal tap left him in constant pain. As a result, he’s developed 4 different types of arthritis.

He’s been unable to work, but receives social security-disability.

TDN’s Nursing Facility Transitions Team Leader, Kathy McGeathy, helped Mike with his transition into an apartment in Montrose, so he can live independently.

McGeathy is the Nursing Facility Transitions Team Leader at TDN.

She moved some of his clothes and arranged for the movers to bring his bed and other belongings.

Kathy even helped build him a seat for use in the shower.

Mike says he’s happy to be living independently again and is thankful for all the help from Kathy and the team at TDN.

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