By Joel Feick

Inside the modern Media Center at the Michigan School for the Deaf, students are learning about “hard skills and soft skills”.      

Two people standing at the front of a classroom, one is signing the other is speaking

TDN’s Youth Ambassador Amanda Banks is helping 5 students with hard skills like college and soft skills like time management.  The class is lead by Teresa Miracle, the Communications Director for the Communications Access Center, which is in a building nearby.   She brought a Level One interpreter, Kara Dougherty who verbalized the sign language.  

Woman signing in front of a whiteboard

One student had problem with alarm clocks for people who are deaf.  Banks used it as example of something the students can learn from. Amanda told the students, “if you don’t have something you need, advocate for yourself, ask.”   

4 people speaking with each other at the front of a classroom

After class Miracle and Dougherty agreed, interpreters are in high demand. It can be a noble and lucrative job, they said.

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