Covid Temporary Ramp Response

The Disability Network has started a temporary ramp program to help people transition out of the hospital and back to their homes quickly. Ramps are often considered unfunded medical equipment. These roll-a-ramps are meant for short-term (up to 90 days) use while individuals regain mobility, or are able to have a more permanent solution established.

These ramps are best suited for individuals who:

  • temporarily need ramps (up to 90 days) to get out of hospitals and will regain mobility or have a solid plan for a permanent solution.
  • want and/or need to get out of their home with the use of a ramp.
  • need a solution immediately and would benefit from a temp ramp while they rehab.

Home structure (if ramp will fit an entrance) and ramp availability determine eligibility. As part of the program, we will come out and review the property to ensure you are able to receive the ramp.

There are a limited number of ramps at this time and eligibility will be based on a first-come basis with considerations for time frame and ramp to home access. We do ask for a $50.00 deposit down. At the end of the 90 days you will receive the deposit back if the ramp is still in good condition. There will be a reminder call before the 90 day date.

Inquire or Reserve a Ramp

Contact Joel at or 810-742-1800 ext. 315 to inquire about the ramp program. You can also fill out the form below if you have someone ready for a ramp.

TDN has over 20 years of experience building and providing over 600 ramps for people with disabilities in Genesee County.

Existing community ramp programs have waiting lists and take two to three months to build fully ADA and code compliant ramps.  People with disabilities need temporary ramps to be installed while waiting for ramps to be built and to avoid being sent to nursing facilities while they rehabilitate.

Permanent Ramp programs

If you need a more permanent solution for your home, please reach out to one of the community organizations listed below. Both offer permanent ramp programs. Please be aware that there are waitlists and these ramps take time to build.

United Way | UAW/United Way Wheelchair Ramp Program | 810 762-5831
In partnership with the UAW, United Way is working to improve the lives of disabled residents by offering them access to the community through building wheelchair ramps. (link opens in new tab)

Habitat for Humanity | 810 766-9089

This program is offered through the support of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint and generous donors.

If you’d like to donate to our ramp program, please visit our Paypal account and select Ramp Program from the list.