Image contains three photos. The first photo is of a woman and a young girl looking at a table under a TDN canopy, the second image is a young man in a red track jacket holding a basket of goodies, the third image is of an art class with students wearing masks

TDN 2020 Annual Report

Transitioning for Success

The past year presented several challenges for The Disability Network, our consumers, and our partners. COVID-19 created a unique set of obstacles, and social justice issues across the country raised ever-present concerns for a strong community continually striving for equity.

Despite the barriers caused by COVID, TDN adapted services and approaches to ensure consumers could receive our five core services. Traditionally, these services were offered face-to-face. Rather than shutting down departments or reducing services, TDN transitioned to alternative formats with consumers. We were able to stay connected with consumers, partners, and each other with some new technologies and perseverance.

TDN committed itself to engage in immediate and intentional action to ensure we are meeting the promise of our mission and holding up a core belief: “Nothing about us without us,” by addressing representation on our leadership team and our board.

We have prepared an accessible PDF for our annual report. If you would like to access the report in another format, please send a note to