A wheelchair ramp installed on a front porch.

New Ramp Program Starting at The Disability Network

The Disability Network is launching a new temporary ramp program in response to COVID-19 funded by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. These ramps will help people transition out of the hospital and back to their homes quickly. Ramps are often considered unfunded medical equipment, forcing people to figure out how to get themselves or family members home when mobility has changed significantly.

“Flint Hospitals are at 97% capacity.  We need to reach people in hospitals right now during this third surge who need and want to get out immediately and would benefit from a temp ramp while they rehab.

In speaking with a local hospital about the ramps, [COVID patients] need them to get out of the hospitals now to clear space for the next patient.  A lot of the recovered COVID patients are too weak to get upstairs which prevents them from being discharged.  They will only need a ramp temporarily.”

Luke Zelley, CEO The Disability Network

Support Our Ramp Program

Other community ramp programs have waiting lists and take up to three months to build ADA and code-compliant ramps. Individuals need these quick temporary ramps to get them home to recover. Some require a temporary ramp while waiting for permanent solutions to avoid being sent to nursing facilities while they rehabilitate.

“A temporary ramp can provide quick access for people who face challenges getting in their front door. It’s especially helpful for people coming home from a hospital with additional medical issues. It’s one less thing to worry about. Funding these ramps can mean people get back into their homes in time for the holidays. You can be a part of their homecoming.”

Joel Feick, Director of Resource Development at The disability Network

This program is offered in part through the support of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. Please consider a donation to our temporary ramp program to help us deliver more ramps to people in the community. The funds you give go directly to the cost of purchasing and installing these temporary ramps.

To donate to our ramp program, please click the button below. You will select Ramp Program from the drop-down on Paypal’s website. Link opens in a new window.

To learn more or make a donation to our temporary ramp program, please contact Joel, Resource Development Director, at joelf@disnetwork.org or 810-742-1800, ext 315.

You can visit https://disnetwork.org/services/temporary-ramps/ to learn more about the program.